City Observes Its 300th Year In Dutch Vein N. Y. HERALD TRIBUNE FEB 2 1953 Opening City's 300th Anniversary Celebration New York City's 300th anniver sary celebration was opened yes terday at St. Mark's in-the-Bou- werie with an address by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The city is 300 years old today, reckon ing from the date the Dutch gov ernment granted local government to its citizens in New Amsterdam. Mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri, Park Commissioner Robert Moses, church and civic leaders and rep resentatives of the governments of Amsterdam and the Netherlands also took part in the service at the Protestant Episcopal Church at Second Ave. and Tenth St.the burial place of Peter Stuyvesant, last Dutch governor of New Neth- erland. The service was sponsored by the St. Nicholas Society. Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Juliana, arrived here by plane Saturday for a short visit expressly to represent his govern ment at the St. Mark's service and at other celebrations of the anni versary here this week. Traces Historic Ties In his talk at the church he traced ties between New York and Holland, which date back to 1609, the year the Dutch explorer Henry Hudson first sailed up the river which bears his name. Today these ties, formalized through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, are in some ways closer than ever, Prince Bernhard said. He reviewed the early history of the Dutch settlement under the West India Company; Peter Min- uit's purchase of Manhattan from the Indians in 1626, and how, after the settlers had petitioned to the States-General in Holland, peg- legged Peter Stuyvesant was di rected to allow them local govern ment in 1653. The colony came under British rule in 1664, was renamed New York and stayed under British rule until the Revo lution, except for a brief period when the Dutch temporarily re captured it. As an example of the close ties between America and Holland, Prince Bernhard mentioned Klaes Martensen van Roosevelt, early New Amsterdam settler whose de scendants include seven Presi dentsthe two Roosevelts, James Madison, Martin van Buren, Zach- ary Taylor, Ulysses S, Grant and William Howard Taft. In a deeper sense, the two nations are tied by a common tradition of human rights and belief in law and order, he said. Turning to more recent history he said: "The Dutch will never for get the great part American troops itook in the liberation of the Neth erlands; the numerous graves on Dutch territory of your- brave sol diers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Europe will be an everlasting reminder of the indis soluble ties between our peoples/ At the end of his prepared speech, Prince Bernhard said he had just received "some very sad news-." "The worst flood in centuries," he said, "has taken place in my country. Our oldest enemy, the Herald Tribune—United Press Prince Bernhard (right), husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, arriving yesterday for service at St. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie. With him is the Right Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of New York. A bust of Peter Stuyvesant is in the background sea, has struck again, more cruelly than ever. Great parts of the country that we had restored with great trouble and work from the ravages of war are apparently ruined. "I count on your prayers for those who have lost their lives and those who are in danger, suffering or in distress." Prince Bernhard said he could not tell yet whether the disaster in the Netherlands would compel him to cut short his stay in the United States. The St. Nicholas Society, spon- sor of the service, was founded by ■Washington Irving to collect and preserve information about the history and culture of New York. The society's president, Lee Thompson Smith, wearing the tra ditional cocked hat of the office at the service yesterday, is also chairman of the Mayor's Commit tee on the Tercentenary Celebra tion. Dr. Gilbert Darlington headed the committee arranging the service. Also present were the Right Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of New York; Baron J. A. deVos Van Steenwijk, Consul General of the Netherlands, and Dr. P. Mijkse-j naar, a representative of the Mayor of Amsterdam. Today, the Prince will attend the private opening of a special showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of paintings lent by the Dutch government in con junction with the anniversary celebration. Various ceremonies are planned for the anniversary year but no official, city-wide celebration has been announced BernhardSaysNATO Keeps IIoIIand-U.S.Tie; Service at St. Mark's-in-Bouwerie

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